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Get to know the HOTS team and why they do what they do
Learn about What We Do and How We Do it and Whom we Want to Help!
We are 100% funded by donations. Find out how to help support us.
We love making films and sharing photos of our adventures.

 Heart Of The Storm (HOTS), is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides a safe environment for youth to explore and develop their sense of self through shared boating adventures on the coast of Maine, and in the Bahamas.

Heart Of The Storm was designed to create a bridge between teen sailors and the community they live in, as well as the oceans, rivers, lakes, and bodies of water they may sail on. Aliento our boat is our “bridge” to discovery and adventure. 

The HOTS program is available to all youth. Especially those who live in Maine, and the Bahamas, who have not yet experienced the magic of sailing and walking on the islands that they live so near to. 

Through direct sponsorship of local businesses and supporting members of the community a bridge, a connection is made. The rewards are tremendous for all parties involved.

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